Tuesday, June 19, 2012

End of the school year gift for the Teachers

.............................. No idea on what to type. I've been gone for so long. Sorry everyone for not posting any yummy recipes for quiet sometime. Then I come back and post something that's not even food related? Heh!? What is up with that YO!  

Well, we all know that summer is pretty much here and about 3 more days of half a day of school left in our town. 

Every year or pretty much any Holidays or special occasion I try to make something homemade for my kids teacher/s and their bus driver. Like on Christmas I made them handmade bracelets in their favorite color, with the help of my babies and also last year I made them reversible tote bags as an end of the year present and it was a hit. Everyone loved it.

This year is a bit different. I took a rest from making stuff because of my right hand hurting. I am blaming the crochet hook, moving heavy furniture or my heavy purse, I think? LOL!

I opted for a semi homemade (I made the tags? That's homemade) this year. I bought some reusable acrylic drinking cups from the Christmas Tree Shop. They have tons of assorted design and 2 different sizes. I got 2 large and 3 medium cups, which I should have bought more. The large ones are $3.99 and the medium size ones are $2.99 plus tax. 

The tags I made by hand, since our printer retired a few months back and never had the chance to get a new one.

I bought a bunch of assorted single serving drink packets.

All ready to go.

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