Friday, June 25, 2010

Coco for Brownie Bottom Coconut Macaroons 6/25/10

Brownies and coconut macaroons together? I didn't think it would be good but I guess I was wrong. Everyone loves it and it vanishes like magic. This is another treat I make that people request for me to bring other than the cake bites.

I used to just make the macaroons but I wanted to try something different and bigger than just the mini bites I used to make. So i figured no one can resist brownies and everyone loves the macaroons already so I started making them in the muffin size pan with the brownie on the bottom and the macaroons on the top, and they were a hit.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pain Au Lait (Milk Bread) 6/22/10

When I was little there was this bakery by our house that was famous for Pandesal. We don't really buy them a lot but when we did I spread that Star Margarine on it like there was no tomorrow. When we moved to NY, I've never had it ever again. This bread, Pain Au Lait, is not even close to tasting like the Pandesal I grew up eating, but this bread is good. I don't make this all the time since bread making is time consuming. I make it when I have lots of time and when it is baked, it's worth the wait. This bread has a sweet taste to it, from the milk.

Cake balls be gone 6/22/10

I get lots of laugh every time I say cake balls *giggling* I know it's weird but that what it is. It's a cake shaped into balls, but I want to change the name to cake bites It's so much better and people don't laugh. So my cake bites has been a hit lately and every time I make them I always have people asking me to make it and some asking me how to make it. I always tell them it's in my website but I don't think they ever come and visit, LOL!

Anyway I've made tons of them, last week alone I made about 11 dozen in 1 day all by myself. So here are my parade of cake bites.

For a birthday, I'm not really sure who it was for :-(

This was for someone who graduated College, this was their school color. Green and Yellow.

This was a giveaway for a banquet.

Raffle giveaway for a banquet.

Birthday cake bites ordered for her son who likes blue and red :-)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Barbie cake for Twins 6/15/10

Izzy and Rizzy are twin girl who were born in the Philippines, but they are American girls. They were born on July 12, Philippine Independence Day. They live here in the US and when their mom, my cousin, asked me to make them a cake I was really excited. I promised them last time I would make their cake, since I didn't get to make it when they asked me before.

I had to make 2 cakes for twins but I didn't want to make 2 separate cakes. My cousin, bought 2 Barbie dolls and I figured I would make a huge round cake and just sit both of them on top. It actually turned out pretty good. I thought it wouldn't fit.

When I was towards the end, I was not so happy with the results. I ran out of MMF at 10 at night and with 2 kids in the house with no vehicle, I was not happy at all. I was frustrated that the twins wouldn't have a lot of color in their cake and they wouldn't like it. BOY, I was wrong! When they saw the cake the next day they couldn't stop looking at it. They were so excited and happy. Just seeing them happy made me happy :-)

I have to make cupcakes so they both have their own color. I messed up one of the cupcake color. I thought it was going to come out pink but it came out reddish (need to buy pink color). The colors the twins like are purple, pink and green.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Tom and Jerry Cake 6/4/10

Tom and Jerry was one of my all time fave cartoon show growing up. So I was really excited when my best friend asked me to make the cake for her daughter. At first I was like, heck no! Are you crazy? I've never made anything so complicated ever. She then kept bothering me about it and kept telling me that I can do it. So I said, what the heck! I will try it just for fun.

The idea first came when we were checking out birthday cakes and I asked her what Brizzy wanted for her birthday cake. Then she said Tom and Jerry. So I googled Tom and Jerry and the picture below was the original cake we saw. It was from the book "Cartoon Cakes By; Debbie Brown"
The cake I made was a sponge cake 'coz it holds better when molding. Tom's head is cake and so is the mallet. Jerry is made of fondant and everything else. This was a time consuming cake but it's worth it at the end. Brizzy loved her cake and that made me happy.

The head is all cake and covered with MMF (Marhsmallow fondant)

The mallet is also cake and covered with fondant.

I know, I know! Jerry doesn't even look like him but that was the best I could do.

The birthday girl is a bit shy and I actually had to force her to get a picture with the cake, LOL! Sorry Brizzy :-)

Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm a Barbie Girl 6/1/10

Little girls love dolls, specially Barbie Dolls. I for one, when I was a kid, was never into playing dolls. I was more like a tree climbing, crazy running, chasing kids, playing in the mud, cooking in clay pots, jumping the chinese garter, patentero, dr. wakwak & hide and seek kind of girl. I'm pretty sure I did more but I can't seem to remember what those games were called.

Anyway I got excited when my cousin asked me to make her a cake for her daughter's birthday. She loves pinks and purple and all girlie stuff. I couldn't wait to make the cake. This would be my very first time making this kind of cake.

There is a cake under that doll, LOL! It's vanilla cake with buttercream and covered in MMF.

The belt is just a regular ribbon.

The back supposed to be a wavy look of white fondant, but I ran out of the white MMF and there was a large gap in back showing the cake. So I covered it with the flowers I made. Good thing I had enough and covered the whole back with it.

It actually looked pretty good, and it looked like it belongs there.

The birthday girl lover her cake and she didn't want to slice into it. Good thing they had cupcakes or there would have been no dessert for anyone, LOL!

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