Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Few, The Proud, The Marines... cupcakes

A friend of ours requested this cupcake for his son who wants to be a Marine when he's old enough to join. Since I can't draw or make pretty pictures I ordered the edible image online.

Here's what it looks like when I put it together.There was some extra cupcakes with no images so I tried the rose swirl :-) and my golly I did it, wooohooo! Oh, and I packed some extra cake balls too so they can try them.

Doesn't it look too pretty? I'm so happy on how this turned out.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Thank you cake balls 3/28/10

I made these cake balls to giveaway to friends and families for when I see them on Saturday at the Banquet (3/27/10). These are red velvet flavored cake and dipped in white chocolate and semi sweet chocolate. I got the treat box from Michael's and it was on sale. The size was just perfect for the cake balls.

White chocolate drizzled with the semi sweet chocolate. These are hubby's favorite so I have to hide it from him, or he will eat the whole entire thing. :-)

Semi sweet chocolate, he doesn't fancy this too much but he likes it too.

I gave a box to my friend Michelle Mah Belle, to my MIL and FIL and I brought 2 extra boxes with me at the Banquet which was gone and eaten after dinner. They had cake balls instead of having some sweet treats they had at the dessert table.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Hazel 3/27/10

I made this cake for a friend. Her hubby ordered the cake and he pretty much told me to make whatever is my best flavored cake. Everyone loves my chocolate cake so I made it for her.
I got some pretty sweet strawberry at the grocery store Friday and I figured I might as well dip them in chocolate and use it on the cake. I had some melted chocolate handy since I was also making cake balls, I will post that tomorrow.

I want to thank Hazel to send me home some food even though I didn't stay at her party. I had a previous engagement that I had to attend.

Happy Birthday Hazel and Thank you Fred for ordering the cake.

Those were some yummy dipped strawberry. I had some and I had to tell myself to stop or I wouldn't have anything left for the cake. LOL!

I always have a hard time smoothing out the sides of a square cake. So most of the time I make it grooved or something with wave or anything that won't show the flaw *wink* I just took the spatula and starting from the bottom just drag the tip of the spatula to the top.
I apologize of my writing since that is one of those things I am not good at.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Late St. Patrick's Day post

Sorry, I've slowed down with the yummy post. I can only bake so much and eat so much sweets or I will balloon up to a ton. Not good for the health too with 2 kids running around all sugared up.

I made this yummy Pandan Chiffon cake with the help of Manang. She's got some awesome recipes on her site :-)
It smells so delish and I'm not lying it was pretty good. So airy and puffy, reminds me of angel food cake. The only problem was the pandan taste has disappeared. The next time I make this I might have to use the real thing. Buy the pandan leaves and do the real work.
Manang also shared her frosting but I wanted something different, to make up for the taste. I made this pandan buttercream and added some buko from the jar. If you know me, I'm not into coconuts but what the heck. LOL! Still the taste was the same :-(

So better just eat it plain, it was so much better that way.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Remember this?

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't posted anything lately. It's been a bit crazy here with with 50 million things to do in my to do list.

Well, anyway, do you remember this?

Before, I would just throw the scrap and that's just a waste. Now that I know what you can do this bad boys they don't go to waste anyway.
You've seen this before.
I'm making cherries this time and it's yummy :-) Chopped up cherry, juice all drained. I only used half form the jar.
Chopped up cherry mixed in the mushed cake.
Mix in the cherry buttercream frosting.
Then you get one of these :-)


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I miss COCO :-(

Conan "COCO or CONANDO" O'brien was the only show at night hubby and I look forward to watching. It's the time I usually head to bed and that's our time to settle in for the night and wait for CoCo to be on. Ever since they took him off the tube, we don't even bother turning the TV on at that time anymore. Most of the time I sit here in the computer and him on his computer.

The other day I check all my fave sites, which I have its own folder on my to check everyday blogs. I was in Dana's site and I saw her post about Conando, which is a spanish character he does on his show. She made a cute shirt for a little cutie, you can see in her site. It was the Conando character, I knew I had to make it too. Hubby loves Conan so I was going to make him one but he said NO, Conando was part of the NBC show and I hate NBC now. So I made it for my little boy instead and he doesn't even know Conan. LOL! Hubby wants a team COCO shirt instead, which I will make for him :-) of course.

I want to thank Dana for sharing on how to make this AWESOME shirt. I would have never made anything like this without her super easy tutorial that she shares. Who would have thought of using freezer paper to make a shirt with. I usually just use them for my beef and chicken, LOL!

First you need to get the PDF so you can print it. The PDF is from Dana's site.
Transfer it to the freezer paper, shiny side down. Trace and then cut.
When done, you place the shiny side down on the shirt and iron, DON'T steam.
This is what she recommended as well. It's under $2 so it's perfect for my cheap self. Oh, make sure you place something underneath the shirt so the paint will not seep through.

Paint away, just don't rub or the little cut up pieces might come off. Next time I will use a small brush. When everything is painted wait overnight or 4 to 5 hours, that's what the instruction in the back of the bottle says. If you're like me who can't wait, yes, I'm very impatient. I used a blow dryer to hurry the process.
Tadaaaa, all done! Now, I wait for 72 hours to completely dry and bond to the shirt then I can wash it so my little man can wear it :-)

When the paint has set and dry, make sure you heat press it. Lay flat and cover with cloth, press with the hot iron for a minute or so. Just make sure you do this step or the pain will run when you wash it. Thanks again to DANA for the comment and telling me to do this step. If not, I would have washed it without knowing.

Yah, I can't wait for 72 hours so I had him put a shirt underneath so I can take a picture and this is how he shows me how he feels for making him do what I want. LOL!

For a complete instruction on how to make your own visit Dana's site. She will explain everything to you.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Flo (Zebra pattern cake with pink)

6 months ago my cousin Flo and I were talking about cakes and she asked me if I could make her cake for her birthday. I was laughing because it won't be for another 6 months. She said, I'm just saying, you're making it, LOL!

6 months later it's time to make her the cake. We found one that was zebra pattern with pink stuff and she said that's the one. So I had to make a different version since I haven't made one with this pattern before. If you look at the picture the pattern is not as close as I wanted it to be, so the next one I'm making will be different.

Anyway, here's the cake and check out what happened to my hands. Don't play with red food gels. LOL!
You will need cake layers. You can use any cake you like. She wanted vanilla and I ended up making 3 (8" cake pan) with lots of domes, which I took off (just wait and see what I will do with the cake scrap).
Cover with buttercream frosting and make it smooth. Then wait 15 - 20 minutes for it to crust.
Grab a paper towel, use Viva if you don't want indentations on your cake or you can use wax paper like I did.

If you make something with red color make sure to wash your hands right away or you will end up with pink hands.
All done and ready for pick up. It turned good and I think she likes her cake, LOL! Actually, she might have forgot about her cake and was more into the Polvoron I made.

So the scrap??? I'm making a cherry cake balls dipped in chocolate right now and will post the outcome tomorrow :-)

Wishing everyone a Happy St. Patricks Day and hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Naughty cake, WARNING!!!

I've been meaning / wanting to make a naughty cake but don't have any occasions for it or no one wanted one. So when I posted it on my facebook the other day, a friends asked if I could make him a cake. I got so excited that I started google-ing boobie cake. Oh, yah! it's for a man, Lol! I've seen a lot of kinds. There's the one with bodies and there's some with just the top. The one I made is for a John Deere fan, this guy loves John Deere. So, John Deere boobie cake for him then.

I want to apologize for not doing a step by step photo. By the time I got to covering the cake I just completely forgot and my hand were covered with powder sugar. I will try to at least tell you on how to. First you need 2 same size and shape bowl. I used my pyrex soup bowl. I don't have one for a cake yet but this one is oven proof safe and it's shaped like boobs, so I used it. Cool the cake and cover with buttercream frosting so the fondant will stick. I used my homemade MMF (marshmallow fondant) and tint it with a creamy peach colored gel.
Notice the bottom MMF is white? Well, my hands were hurting and going numb so I decided to just do the bottom white and paint it with the food coloring instead. I mixed Leaf green gel with a little bit of water, this you have to eyeball and depends on how dark or light you want the color to be. It will look wet and shiny but it will dry out. Then I placed Wilton pearlized sprinkle at the edge.
The John Deere logo I printed from the computer and I had to cut it with a small kitchen knife to get the little corner. Then I painted it with the Wilton golden yellow gel, with a little bit of water.
See, how pretty it looks? This one actually took me a bit to do. LOL! I had to try it twice coz the legs and antlers keep ripping, grrrr!
Almost done, I'm waiting for the chocolate in the freezer for the cupcakes. Then it's all set and ready for pick-up.
Happy Birthtday MIKE :-) Hope you will enjoy your boobie cake. I better get a picture of you enjoying your cake, LOL!
Lesson I learned from this cake. Make sure you bake the same flavored cake for both boobs. If not the other one might be bigger than the other. Yes, my boobs (the cake that is) are not the same size. The chocolate cake, on the right, is a bit bigger. The choco cake rises more than my vanilla. O well, I think it looks good and not really that noticeable. Now, now stop staring at them nipples. LOL!

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