Before I started building this website I have already been asked a lot of about me or my baking. Here are some that I get asked a lot of. 

Q: Where can we contact you?
A: My email is  CLAIREPFENDLER@yahoo.com or you can leave me a message here as well.

Q: Do you sell your goodies?
A: Most of the goodies I make are for my families and close friends. Sometimes I get request and they offer payments but I just tell them to pay for the ingredients and I will make it. I don’t get lots of request or asked to make cakes. I make them for fun and to give away as a present. So maybe in the future when I get a mass volume of request I might start selling them. LOL!

Q: Did you take any classes?

A: I never took any classes. I wanted to so I can learn how to make those buttercream roses but I never got around to it. Josh, my husband, have a weird work schedule so I can’t plan to take classes knowing he might be at work for that day. All this cooking and baking started with my very first cookbook (Pillsbury Complete Cookbook) That book is plastered with post-it.

Q: Do you make your cakes /  cupcakes from the box?
A: I used to when I first started but I learned to make from scratch. So now, I make all the cakes and cupcakes from scratch. I have collected a lot of very good cakes since then.

Q: How long have you been baking?
A: I started in 2006 with cookies. My husband took them to work for Christmas and that pretty much started it all. Every year after that I make them a big cookies plate.  Then I branched out to cakes, bread and cupcake.

Q: Could I use your picture on my site?
A: It depends on what you're going to use it for. If you use it please make sure you at least give me credit for it since It takes time to get my photos to look pretty. I take pride of my pictures. You can as too and I might let you, LOL! If not, then I will have to start using watermarks on them.

** I will add more FAQ when I get more questions in the future. When I get more questions about other stuff.

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