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You might want to know...a little about me
I’m married to a very supportive husband and loving too ☺ LOL! We have 2 wonderful and beautiful kids. They are my biggest cake critique and they tell me what’s good and what’s not.
When I was little I never learned to cook or bake. I was born in the Philippines and in our home we had a cook. So I was never really introduced or interested in cooking or baking. 
Then when I was 13 we moved to New York and everything was completely different. No one to cook for you. My mom started cooking and I had to learn. Still, I wasn’t really interested.
Not until I got married and had kids that I really started cooking. That’s when I first got my cookbook. So from then on, I either follow the recipe or just make something that sounds good. LOL!

Food: Spaghetti, ask my kids and husband. They will tell you I will eat spaghetti everyday of the week if I could.
Sweets: Leche Flan and Maja are my weakness. Both a Filipino desserts

Place to eat: I’m a sucker for seafood so I will be more than happy to tag along if you need company. LOL!

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