Friday, November 15, 2013

ZIPZ Interchangeable Shoe Review & Giveaway - ENDED

I don't really know where to begin on what or how to tell you about these awesome ZIPZ shoes I received. Anyone and everyone that knows me, knows that I have a shoe addiction. I just love shoes, most of all, I love comfy shoes. Recently thought I've stopped collecting high heeled shoes, I've been buying more comfier and flat shoes. 

Then I found Zipz online and I figured I would ask them If I could do a review on one of their shoes. 
Ow-em-gee! they were so nice to send me a pair. Aackkk! I was super excited, even my girlfriend was jealous. LOL! 

Well, let me tell you about Zipz first before I do the actual review.  
Zipz is the world's first, true, interchangeable shoe. Born in California and they also designed it all here in the USA.  You can remove and change your "cover" whenever you want and to fit your mood. Zipz also has durable YKK zippers, patented technology, foot arch, support system, extra padded footbed, soft pliable rubber soul with hand - tooled construction to give your feet the comfort and quality they deserve in every day shoes.

Change your shoes.
Change yourself.
Change your world!

My review pretty much was said already. It's comfy, you can change the cover to any design they have available to match the mood you're in. The colors are vibrant and it's well made. I love their other designs but I picked the Lo-Top pair of Skull Rose. I have been wearing it every time I go somewhere. Specially now that the NY weather is getting colder, so I'm giving my flip flops and sandals a break. Although I might wear this over the summer too. Heck I might even wear it to sleep. That's how comfy it is. lol!

Oh and the reason I picked this design was because I wanted to wear it with my Halloween costume. Everyone loved it, specially the shoe. I went as a Chola, lol. ** Just so everyone knows, I DO NOT SMOKE! That is a fake cigarette. 

Back to the shoe. I wore it all night and my foot didn't hurt. I was super comfy throughout the night. I was the designated photographer so I never had the chance to sit. I was running all over the place

I mean what else can I say about this shoe? I love it! I seriously love it.

Here's the cool part. The cool people from Zipz are so generous that they are giving my readers a pair of their own. What? What? Woohooo!!!
The winner of the giveaway will win a pair of your choice from the look book or pick a pair HERE. You also must be resident of the USA. 
** You cannot pick a "custom" Zipz, only the ones that are on this SITE.
They have adult sizes from 5-13.

Go to the bottom of this post and you can enter there. 

Can't wait for the giveaway to end and you want to own a pair now? Buy it now at BuyZipzOnline.
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mrs. Cubbison’s Product Review / Win a Kitchen Makeover

I'm lucky to have kids that love to eat their salad. I've been giving them salad since they were old enough to eat solid food. Then I introduced them to croutons :-) and not just plain old boring no taste croutons. I added Mrs. Cubbison’s Butter & Garlic croutons. Hmm-um I could eat these by the handful.

Mrs. Cubbison’s have varieties of products. You can check that out HERE. Normally I would be getting a direct product from the company but I actually liked how I received coupons for their product. At least I get to pick which ones to get and I love that. I bought the 2 Butter & Garlic croutons and the kids wanted to try Tortilla Strips. Perfect for our Taco dinner.

The kids loved the Tortilla strips so much that they took them to school for snacks. LOL! So they don't last very long in our home. They eat them all the time. 

Want to know where you can get your own bag of Mrs. Cubbison's? See if you have them in your town HERE.

Like their FACEBOOK Page.

They also have tons of RECIPES on their site.
Right now they are running a Kitchen Makeover so head on over there and enter to win. Click on the photo below to get to the direct link to enter or click HERE.

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