Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chocolate Graduation Cap 8/17/10

I've been slowing down with my post lately but I will try to keep up, I promise. I made this a while back, maybe July, for a graduation party.

They asked me to make a cake and some cake balls, but I had enough green chocolate melted to make some of the caps.
You need one of these things, they're sour and they are yummy. I looked all over for these sucker all over the place. Even at the bigger supermarket and didn't find them. I finally tried the dollar general store and they were tons of them. They're cheap too, 10 cents a piece.

Then you can take them out and cut them up in little pieces. Whatever you don't use you can eat, LOL! I do wish they have other colors but....

When you have all you need, you can set them aside. Oh, you will also need the mini M&M's.

Make sure you place the stick before it sets.

The top part of the cap.

All set and done :-)

I was a bit disappointed with the cake. I didn't crumb coat it and as you can see, some of the crumbs showed. O well, they said it was good and I'm happy to hear.

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