Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Slowly coming back, it's been a long 2 months

Hi everyone! The past few months have been a crazy whirlwind, that's why I haven't posted anything on the blog. Now that my chaos have slowed down a bit I can go back into swing. I have tons of giveaways and reviews to do, it's way over my head.  To those who aren't a Facebook follower or my friend on Facebook, few things had happened and that's why I haven't posted anything for a while.

I got really sick in November, got better. Then comes December and 2 days before Christmas we received a call from New Jersey that my brother was sick. So on the 25th we drove down there because he was in ICU with double lung pneumonia. Had the kids opened their Christmas present and then left with the presents all over the floor. The 26th my husband got sick so I had to drive to the Hospital for a couple of days visiting. Just as he was getting a bit better I got sick, which was on the 29th and I was so sick that hubby had to take me to the Doctors when we got home. I was down for about 2 weeks with the flu.

When I felt better, I had to catch up with houseworks and everything else that needed to be cleaned. I am also working (part-time) now so it's been a crazy and hectic schedule.

So, I apologize for not being here. Glad you're all so patient with me being gone this long. I am hoping to back into swing in a couple of days.

I have a giveaway to do. Woohoo!

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