Wednesday, April 30, 2014

DIY How to fix your broken nail with an ordinary tea bag

Ever had this problem? Trying to open the door, open a can of soda or in my case trying to open my washer. See, trying to do good deeds by doing some chores and then your nail breaks. UGH! This was not a tiny break, this was almost coming off my nail bed break.

I guess I have to fix it now or my thumb nail would look weird so short and the rest of my nails are pretty and long.

It's a good thing this happened at home and not somewhere, where I won't have my trusty Kiss nail glue and some good old tea bags laying around.

Well, first you need to clean your nails.

Grab your glue and a tea bag (empty the tea out first) then cut a piece of the bag to fit over your broken nail.

Normally I would use my Kiss  silk nail wrap, but I was out so this was the next best thing. It's just as sturdy and works just as great.

I cut up enough to cover my nail. Cover you nail with the glue and place the piece onto your nail. Push it with a stick to smooth it out or place a saran wrap (cling wrap / plastic) over and smooth it out without getting stuck to the glue. Let it dry.

Trim the edge or just use a nail file. Repeat the process if you want to double it, you can, but I only used 1 layer.

I buffed it until it's not as visible anymore then I coated it with another layer of glue and let it dry.

Buff lightly and it's all done. You can paint it after :-)

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