Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Congratulation Class of 2010 7/18/10

Made the blue cake for my cousin who graduated from High School this summer. Their school color is blue so I made the cake decor blue, but she is also going to RIT and their school color is orange and brown. The only thing is that brown doesn't look too good with blue, but orange does. The cake is plain since I forgot to place the grad statue thingy on top, I did get a picture of it before the cake was all eaten. I'm glad they liked it and they said it was really good.


I also made a cake for my hubby's cousin who also graduated high school. He has his grad party the week after I made the cake above and they asked me to make it for him. This is our graduation present for him.

It's a square cake 9x9 vanilla cake, with strawberry jam filling and buttercream frosting.
I also made 50 cupcakes with buttercream frosting. School color is purple and gold.

Congratulation Max!!!

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