Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Perfect for summer Mango Supreme Float 7/14/10

I love it when families that cook and bake comes to visit. My family in particular, they bring food with them when they travel and visit. I'm not talking chips and little mini snacks. I'm talking big coolers full of dishes and desserts, LOL! So when my Aunt and Uncle came to visit from NYC, I knew that they have some goodies with them, and I was right. They brought everything but the kitchen sink.

They brought some adobo, bakang me sabaw , cheding's peanut, super yummy yummy Mango supreme float and I there was so much more. I bet she could have fed an army with all the food she brought.

The best one was the Supreme Mango Float that she made. I completely forgot to ask for the recipe, but I will get it. Soon!

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