Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How to make a NAKED Egg DIY

When I first heard and saw the naked egg, a few nights ago,  I was so excited and giddy to make it with the kids. I told them about it the next day. They got excited as well, specially after showing them the video. Everyones excitement went to the crapper when we found out we were out of vinegar. You should have seen their sad disappointed faces :-( I promised them I will get some vinegar the next day.

So when they got home from school. I told them naked egg project is on the go.  You can get the entire instructions HERE or HERE.

Photos below are just some idea on what the eggs will look like in the process.

We colored Lexi's egg blue and the egg shell turned pastel blue. 

This is what it looks like after washing off the shell. As you can see I'm squishing it a little bit. 
Not too much or you will have egg goo all over the place. 

The egg got bigger (sorry the other photo I took next to the egg with shell was blurry. UGH!! Take extra shots next time.) 

My attempt to bounce. 1, 2, 3, DROP! 

Actual bounce shot. It took many attempts. LOL! 

Lexi tried the bouncy thing and her eggs broke. As you can see the egg white turned into a bluish tint and a little bit of the outside part of the yolk.

Joshua opted for the orange color. Above, still has the shell but already soft. 

Beautiful crimson rusty very shiny color. I almost wanted to just preserve it. 
It was so pretty to look at.

Then I had an idea about putting it on top of a flashlight, and we did. It's awesome! You can see the yolk.

I hope you all enjoyed our naked egg. We had a great time experimenting. Next time we will try it with the corn syrup. 

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