Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easy Pleasy Meaty Meatloaf Recipe

You know after all these years of battling on what to cook for dinner, it should get easier, but it doesn't for me. I have tried the weekly plan and sometimes most of the time I end up not following my meal plan. Either I change it or around or completely make something that isn't even on the plan. Good thing my family is not picky. They eat pretty much whatever I make. 

So, meatloaf is good. Everyone loves meatloaf right? My kids loved it, with mashed potato, sometimes with gravy and sometimes just plain. This meatloaf is super easy and it doesn't have a lot of ingredients. Normally when I make meatloaf I always have a hard boiled egg in the middle of the mix and so when you cut into it you will have yummy eggs in the middle.

Let's get to the ingredients:

* 2      
lb. lean ground beef

* 1
pkg. / box of stuffing mix (6 oz)

* 1
cup water

* 2
eggs, beaten

* 1
cup BBQ sauce ( I use honey BBQ all the time, but you don't have to)

What to do:

1.  Grab a large enough bowl to mix the meat and the stuffing in. Place meat in the bowl, stuffing mix, water, eggs and  1/2 cup of BBQ in the bowl and mix it all up until blended well.

 2. Shape into a 13x9 baking dish (shape into a dome like) I like using a baking dish instead of a loaf pan. So the fats are scattered and not sitting with your meatloaf if you use a loaf pan.

 3.  Add the remaining barbecue sauce on top and bake for 1 hour or until done (180ºF). As you can see I added some cheese on top. I used a taco blended cheese and added it about 10 minutes before it's done.

Serve with whatever sides you want. My kids love potato so we mashed it and made it creamier than I usually make it, so no gravy needed.

I shouldn't be doing blogs towards dinner time. LOL! Now I want meatloaf, but we're having HUMBA with hot steaming white rice, YUMMY! If you want to know what HUMBA is, just click ---> HERE.

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