Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cake balls be gone 6/22/10

I get lots of laugh every time I say cake balls *giggling* I know it's weird but that what it is. It's a cake shaped into balls, but I want to change the name to cake bites It's so much better and people don't laugh. So my cake bites has been a hit lately and every time I make them I always have people asking me to make it and some asking me how to make it. I always tell them it's in my website but I don't think they ever come and visit, LOL!

Anyway I've made tons of them, last week alone I made about 11 dozen in 1 day all by myself. So here are my parade of cake bites.

For a birthday, I'm not really sure who it was for :-(

This was for someone who graduated College, this was their school color. Green and Yellow.

This was a giveaway for a banquet.

Raffle giveaway for a banquet.

Birthday cake bites ordered for her son who likes blue and red :-)

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