Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm a Barbie Girl 6/1/10

Little girls love dolls, specially Barbie Dolls. I for one, when I was a kid, was never into playing dolls. I was more like a tree climbing, crazy running, chasing kids, playing in the mud, cooking in clay pots, jumping the chinese garter, patentero, dr. wakwak & hide and seek kind of girl. I'm pretty sure I did more but I can't seem to remember what those games were called.

Anyway I got excited when my cousin asked me to make her a cake for her daughter's birthday. She loves pinks and purple and all girlie stuff. I couldn't wait to make the cake. This would be my very first time making this kind of cake.

There is a cake under that doll, LOL! It's vanilla cake with buttercream and covered in MMF.

The belt is just a regular ribbon.

The back supposed to be a wavy look of white fondant, but I ran out of the white MMF and there was a large gap in back showing the cake. So I covered it with the flowers I made. Good thing I had enough and covered the whole back with it.

It actually looked pretty good, and it looked like it belongs there.

The birthday girl lover her cake and she didn't want to slice into it. Good thing they had cupcakes or there would have been no dessert for anyone, LOL!


  1. beautiful cake sis...ako nagaaral pa lang gumawa ng cake for gj next sunday...tigger one...di yata ako marunong mag icing eh hahaha


  2. I love your Barbie girl cake! What kind of cake is she wearing???

  3. hello, Claire... I have been spending time viewing all of the cakes you made since I couldn't go back to sleep... They are all pretty good... and girl, it's making me hungry hehehe... take care.


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