Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Treats for the Family ** RE-POST

With Easter just around the corner. I don't really have anything in mind on what to make. Will be spending Easter dinners with Family so I am not cooking or making anything this year. Wooohooo@ I get to relax. So, instead I am re-posting this post from before.

I hope everyone enjoys their Easter Sunday!

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to post this really quick before Easter. I know it's tomorrow but my internet was broken for a couple of days and I couldn't post anything.

I won't make this long so I will just show you the pictures :-)
I made Easter Basket cupcakes for the kids, and load it with lots of sweets. LOL!

Peepsssssssssssss :-) yey! and I use the pastel M&M's

This is supposed to look like butterflies but not really sure if it does :-)

Some kind of flower...

This I made for someone :-) not telling, just in case she's looking at this blog.

Made cake pops, does it look like eggs?

I even dipped them in the sprinkles :-)

Carrot cake cakeballs... and drizzled with orange chocolate milk.

This is where I will put the cake balls :-)


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