Thursday, August 8, 2013

GYMBOSS Interval Timer - Review (Giveaway will follow)

I love this gadget, specially during a workout. I have recently started running and this is perfect for that type of workout. Although it is also great for other workout too.

Here are some other activities that you can use with Gymboss

Since I'm new at running I have it on Run / walk interval.  I've learned about this gadget from my friend. She bought it when she started teaching Kickboxing, then moved on to running. She's the one who said you need to buy Gymboss. It will make your life much easier.  Thanks Mel!

I can honestly say, I am so glad I bought one. These guys are so nice and friendly that they even give me a chance to do a giveaway. YES! You can have your very own Gymboss too.
The giveaway will be on tomorrow, August 9, 2013.

Check out my new skin to protect my timer.

More info about Gymboss:

  • 1 or 2 intervals - 2 seconds to 99 minutes
  • Repeat up to 99 times
  • Beep and/or Vibrate alarm
  • Alarm duration 1, 5, or 10 seconds
  • Stopwatch function
  • Secure Belt clip
  • Compact Size (1 ¾ x 2 ¼ x ½ inches)
  • Water and shock resistant
  • AAA battery required

Your own Gymboss will come with an instruction, but they also have it printed in the back just in case you forget. Which is very helpful to me, since I tend to have a short term memory about remembering on how to set things up. LOL!

There are 2 types of Gymboss. There's the regular one and the miniMAX. Don't forget they also have accessories for your gadget. They have armbands, wristbands, lanyard and skin (which is new) to protect your Gymboss from sweat. ** Please note the skin DOES NOT make the timer waterproof, but more water resistant. You cannot submerge your timer underwater, even with the skin on.

Here are some colors they have available.

I do have an armband but I sometimes wear an earphone so I just clip it on my sports bra so I can hear the beep. 

If you would like to purchase your own Gymboss. Click HERE.  They accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Paypal.

My armband :-) I just noticed that my shirt matches my Gymboss. LOL!

Come back tomorrow (August 9, 2013) for the GIVEAWAY!

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