Monday, August 26, 2013

* Giveaway has Ended * Bluapple are really good!!! Blueapple Review & Giveaway

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 Fruits and veggies doesn't last long in our home, but sometimes we forget that they are sitting on our fridge. So when I saw a post about bluapple on a friends site, I knew I had to get one. So, I contacted bluapple and I was lucky enough to get a kit for a review. The great part is that they also offered to do a giveaway. They want to giveaway 3 bluapple packs to my readers that are in the US and Canada. Heck I would enter to win on my giveaway if I could, but then it won't be fair to you guys since I already have this great product.

I used mine a couple of weeks ago when we went and grabbed some fruits and veggies at the farmers market. Believe me I was a bit skeptical but I had to see if it's really true. The photos I took was about 8 days apart and I am surprised to see that my fruits was still the same when I first bought them.

I am mostly surprised to the cantaloupe since they get really mushy and soft when you don't cut them up when they're ripe. It stayed firm and was pretty tasty when we finally did cut them. 

Here's what was left after 8 days. The melon was still firm and I think it made it more sweeter, because I waited a while.

Here's how bluapple works:

Ethylene gas is given off naturally by fruits and vegetables as a signaling mechanism in order to coordinate uniform ripening. However, once concentrated in your refrigerator or other storage areas, the presence of ethylene gas continues to speed up ripening and hasten spoilage.
The Bluapple® is designed to provide effective ethylene gas absorption for three months in a typical home refrigerator produce bin or storage container. The active ingredient does not "wear out", but continues to absorb ethylene until it has reached its capacity. A One Year Refill Kit rounds out the Bluapple® ethylene gas management product line, allowing consumers to reuse Bluapples® and not add them to landfills.

When you're ready to use your Bluapple just place in the fridge crisper or with countertop produce (works better when they are in an enclosed space so it absorbs all the gas on the surrounding area). Your Bluapple will extend the storage life of your produce up to three times longer. You can also buy the refills on their site. It's safe, non-toxic, organic, recyclable and non perishable.

Can't wait for the giveaway to end and want your own Bluapple right now. You can purchase your set HERE. You can also purchase them at any Bed, Bath & Beyond stores.

** I was not financially compensated for this post. This product was sent to me at no cost and was provided to me by the manufacturer in order to test their product for a fair review and opinion. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product. **

Thank you to Bluapple for the giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I would love this. We buy a lot of fruits and it gets wasted after a few days.


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