Monday, August 26, 2013

My $7 dresser drawer from an Auction!!! Lexi's room makeover PART 2

Auction did you say? YES! This beautiful dresser drawer was far from beautiful when I first got it, like 12 years ago. Oh, how I wish I have a photo before this pretty-ness happened. Oh it was EWWWW and more ewwww! 12 years ago, my MIL dropped this dresser at our home. This was before our first child was born. It was filthy and it had 5-6 layers of paint on top of it. 

Then we found out we were having a girl so I painted her room and everything in her room purple and other pastel colors. I will link all the other room post when they are up. Her desk drawer was posted a week ago and you can see it HERE. That was not fun to do, PHEW!

So when it came to this dresser drawers turn to be prettied up, I had mixed feeling if I wanted to sand the crap out of it too or just paint over the pastel purple. Well, the painting won. YEYYY!  It took about 3 coats but it worked. I actually had a harder time taking the stickers and knobs off than the painting part. I had to wipe all the grimes and dirt, which I know you can't see on the photo (believe me it was dirty).  

I even painted her mirror, which came with the dresser. It was actually attached to the dresser at one point. I can tell because it had some sort of bars in the back and I think the last owner either broke it or just took it off and never put back.  O well, it looks pretty now.

Oh and the knobs had their own makeover too. I will blog about that and link here as well. I just used some trusted spray paint and tada! I was going to use green or blue on her dresser knobs and desk but I couldn't find any cool blueish and greenish spray paint so it would match her lamp and bed sets, look in the mirror you can see it :-) I know, I know! I will post photos of her complete room soon. 

Now, the dresser is back on it's usual spot with fresh paint and all her big girl stuffs are back on top it. Don't mind the stuffed toys on the corner. She's a big girl now but she can't seem to get rid of her baby toys. LOL! 

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Dresser drawer $7 - Auction
Behr Paint / white with primer - 3 coats
Knobs - spray painted silver 
Mirror - painted 3 coats

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