Thursday, August 1, 2013

*Giveaway has ENDED* WOOLZIES Dryer Balls Review & Giveaway

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You  might think I'm weird, but I can honestly say that I love doing laundry. The only thing I hate is waiting for the dryer to buzz. Most of the time I have to turn the dryer back on because the clothes are still damp.  I even tried making my own dryer balls and that didn't last long and eventually I caved in and bought tennis balls, only to find out that rubber and plastic balls are made from harsh chemicals including PVCs which are released onto your laundry by the hot dryer air. Not only are these types of dryer balls dangerous to your health, they are toxic to the environment as well. Additionally, the harsh tumbling action of rubber, plastic and tennis balls can damage your dryer's sensitive electronic sensors.

Then comes the WOOLZIES.  They are 100% Eco friendly and they are handmade. They will soften your laundry naturally without any of the harmful chemicals. If you need to know more about Woolzies, check out their FAQ's HERE.

When you get your WOOLZIES you get 6 dryer balls and they are ready to use. Just toss them in with your freshly washed clothes into the dryer and all set. The clothes I tried this with are the dark colored and thicker clothing (jeans / sweatshirt). Normally this load would take almost and sometimes over 2 hours to dry. With the Woolzies it actually cut the time in half. 

Now the FUN part. Want to WIN your own box of WOOLZIES? Enter below to WIN or if you can't wait you can purchase them HERE.

** Giveaway is OPEN to EVERYONE! **

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