Friday, April 30, 2010

Chaching cake 4/30/10

I made this cake for my mom in law, she loves going to the casino when she has the time and she needs to unwind. So when it was her birthday my hubby decided that we should make her a slot machine cake. WHAT??? I've never made such thing but the artistic side of my hubby kicked in and he pretty much knew what to make. Me, no clue at all. You know I'm the copy cat kind, the one that has to Google everything, yes, including cake, just to see what they look like. Good thing, hubby knew what he was talking about, 'coz I surely didn't.

Anyway, this was a surprise cake for her. She knew we were making her a cake but she didn't know it was a slot machine.

When she saw the cake she was so happy and excited (sorry I have no picture of her with the cake, she doesn't like her picture taken and she asked me before not to post any without her consent). She even called her sisters in Florida, LOL!

Used a 9x13 cake pan and I just hollowed out the part where the money is supposed to come out.

Used buttercream and added some color to make it grey. Candies to surround the number.

Hubby used a huge candy cane, that really works when you pull it. LOL!

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