Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mango cake FLOP :-( 4/18/10

Sorry to say but this is not a post about my mango cake that I made. Oh, yes! I made it but I don't have the pictures. As you can see I'm posting strawberry picking pictures from last summer. I was going to post about my mango cake, which was so good, but when I uploaded the photos, I accidentally just clicked on 1 picture to upload and stupid me didn't check before deleting the photos in the camera. So when I checked the iPHOTO there was only 1 picture there. Ohh, I was so mad, grrr!!!

So the lesson of my stupidity is don't delete it before checking if the photos did upload right. Anyway, enjoy my little man picking strawberries with daddy. He's not really picking he was eating, more than picking. LOL!

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