Saturday, April 3, 2010

Smooth cake ball (VIDEO) 4/3/10

Hi everyone!

I have a few of you that have asked on how to get a smooth cake ball when you dip them in chocolate.

I'm no expert on cake balls but I have done a few already that I have managed to figure out on how to dip mine fast and smooth. The key too is have a nice smooth and satiny texture on your chocolate before you start dipping. It has a lot to do with the chocolate you use too and how you melt them. I use the microwave a lot and it's the best way for me to melt my chocolate. Also what kind of chocolate melts do you have available? Another thing, heat is another factor on how to melt. If you melt it too high you actually cook the chocolate and it will get lumpy. Microwaving it for 30 seconds interval is how I do mine. Also you can add a solid vegetable shortening (I use crisco) to thin out the chocolate.

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