Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I wish there was a song about KNOBS (Lexi's room makeover PART 3) DIY

This won't be a long post :-) I promise. Just to show you what and how I spray painted her dresser and desk knobs. 

I took a big box and poked holes on them so the screw would fit through the other end. Stick the knobs and then screw on the other side so they won't fall off. You don't have to screw it in all the way, just enough to hold the knobs.

See (below) I didn't spray paint the screws since it was on the inside part of the drawers.

Used Rust-oleum Satin Granite. Don't mind my hand covered in paint. LOL!

I think they're happy  and excited they're getting a fresh paint. Oh, I almost forgot. These knobs had a shiny finish to it so I sanded them first with a very fine sandpaper so the paint will stick to them better.

All done and painted. I left them on the box overnight since I was painting the dresser drawer and desk.

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