Saturday, September 7, 2013

*Giveaway has ended * Kicking Horse Kick Ass Organic Coffee - Review & Giveaway (Open to US & Canada)

What kind of Title is that??? LOL! I love their company name, Kicking Horse Coffee

It's no secret that I love my coffee. I love hot steaming out of the coffee pot or ice cold on a super hot day. If it's coffee I will have it. Heck, I even love those chocolate covered coffee beans *sigh*.

By the way their coffee are available in whole bean only.

So when I received my Kicking Horse Coffee I could hardly wait to taste it. Of course, the crazy neon green lid, kick ass tin and that it's Organic, makes me want it more. 

Look, it's vacuum sealed for freshness and when I finally opened the lid. My nostril and tastebuds was doing some crazy happy dance in there. It smelled sooo good. The one I received is called Kick Ass / dark roast. They also have

454 Horse Power
Hoodoo Jo
Grizzly Claw
Decaf Cliff Hanger Expresso
Cliff Hanger Expresso
Three Sisters
Z - Wrangler
Pacific Pipeline
Kootenay Crossing
Jumbo Wild
Mocha Yoho

They don't stop at coffee. They also have Tea and all sorts of other goodies. You should just check out their ONLINE STORE and see for yourself.

So back to my coffee. While I was grinding the beans I was almost tempted to just eat the ground coffee, but I waited. I brewed some to taste. I even shared it with my bestie, who also loves coffee, was here visiting. This was her kind of coffee. It definitely kicks ass. She likes them strong. 

Yup, this is her coffee. She did put sugar for a little bit of sweetness.

And you guessed it, this one is mine. Sugar and milk. It was bold and has a robust flavor, but enough kick. I love it!

I had some leftover and of course I had to try it cold. I told you, I will take my coffee hot or cold. It was good both ways. 

Here are some cool facts about Kicking Horse Coffee:

Want to get your own? Visit their ONLINE STORE

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