Thursday, September 5, 2013

Knock, knock? I painted her door with a chalkboard paint. Before & After makeover PART 4

Room makeover is almost done. This is the last post about the makeover. Actually, nope I lied. There will be another one but it will be to show the whole room.

This post is just to show you what I did with her boring door. It was covered with markers, pens, pencil writing and the stickers she placed on them when she was little.

First I took out the wooden board / stick that was attached to the door. It was easy to take out. Then I used the outline of the boards where to paint. didn't paint over it so I know where to put it back.

Sorry, I didn't get to take a picture while painting the blue paint without the board. I painted it and make sure I don't go over the line. 

I did 2 coats on the paint and it was perfect. We still haven't tried the chalkboard yet. I still haven't had the chance to buy some chalks. LOL!

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