Saturday, September 7, 2013

Make your own Body Wash DIY

I love my body wash. I used to buy them left and right and just have tons of different kind of body wash in my bathroom cabinets. Then I noticed that the price is going up. Without coupon you could spend $4 to $6 for 1 bottle.

So when I found THIS RECIPE to make your own body wash at One Good Thing by Jillee, I knew I had to try it. I mean come on, she sold me when she mentioned it was cheaper. Yup! I am cheap thrifty, ok cheap. LOL!

SO here's what I did. Bought 2 bars of Dove soap, I couldn't find the 3 bars and I figured I would use the Lever 2000 I have at home. Which I did. Grated them, just as I would when I make my 
Homemade Laundry Soap. I keep all my soap making stuff in one spot so when I need it it's right there. Make sure these items you use for soap making are ONLY USED for just that. Don't be using them for your kitchen.  

6 cups of water and place on your soap pan on medium heat (not boiling) and keep and eye on the pot and stir occasionally until the soap is all dissolved.  I added a cup extra water because I used 1 different soap bar and I thought it would be thicker and it didn't get thicker. So next time I make it again I would stick to 6 cups.

You can let it cool in the pot for an hour before transferring or you can transfer it to a heat proof glass or jar or bowl.  It will thicken as it cools.

See, mine isn't as thick as I wanted but it still works great. Would I make it again? Absolutely!

This time though, I will use the 6 cups of water it called for. :-)

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