Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Crayon holder roll

I saw this crayon roll about 2 years ago but I never really had any drive to make it. Then I saw it again the other day and my little boy said, I want one of those. So, the nice mommy that I am, I made him one. Actually I made 2, she saw me making one for her brother and of course she has to have one as well. This is an easy projects for beginners and it's great to for travel or if you go to restaurants.
The kids picked their own colors and sew away we go.

This one is for Gus, this was from his baby crib mattress cover that I saved and now I finally used it. Good thing I saved it, I love the colors.
See he put it to good use already, he couldn't wait to get started with his coloring.
Yes, he loves his new crayon roll :-)
Lexi just doesn't like her pictures taken, and she wasn't feeling too good. She does love her new crayon roll as well. She even colored me a nice picture :-)

What it looks like if you roll it.
See how pretty it is, even when rolled?
If you want to make your own crayon roll, here's the instruction on how to.
I made mine simpler since I didn't have any ric rac in hand. Still it turned out good. I guess, I'm off to making more so I can give them away.

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