Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Hazel 3/27/10

I made this cake for a friend. Her hubby ordered the cake and he pretty much told me to make whatever is my best flavored cake. Everyone loves my chocolate cake so I made it for her.
I got some pretty sweet strawberry at the grocery store Friday and I figured I might as well dip them in chocolate and use it on the cake. I had some melted chocolate handy since I was also making cake balls, I will post that tomorrow.

I want to thank Hazel to send me home some food even though I didn't stay at her party. I had a previous engagement that I had to attend.

Happy Birthday Hazel and Thank you Fred for ordering the cake.

Those were some yummy dipped strawberry. I had some and I had to tell myself to stop or I wouldn't have anything left for the cake. LOL!

I always have a hard time smoothing out the sides of a square cake. So most of the time I make it grooved or something with wave or anything that won't show the flaw *wink* I just took the spatula and starting from the bottom just drag the tip of the spatula to the top.
I apologize of my writing since that is one of those things I am not good at.

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