Friday, March 5, 2010

Men shirt turned into girls dress

I've tackled this dress before but failed. I tried this 2 years ago but I ended up with a mess load of scrap fabric all over the place and a shirt ripped into pieces out of frustration. Forward to now, while I was browsing Green bag lady's site and saw her post about this shirt I knew I had to try it, again. With the .99 cent shirt I got from Goodwill, I didn't care if it will work this time or not.

So I read the step by step on how to make this dress and this was so much easier to follow. The last tutorial was hard to follow and just a mess. If you want to make this dress you can visit DANA.

Started with a huge shirt :-)
Cut them all up, you can get the instruction here.
Since DANA explained it all in her site, I figured I would just sew the dress and show you the finished product. LOL!
Lexi loves the dress and she couldn't believe I made it. Now she wants more. Joshua wanted to be in the picture too. Don't laugh so hard, you might pee in your pants.
I tied the ribbon in the back, the front would probably work too but I like it better in the back.
In DANA's tutorial she had the elastic waistband added, but I didn't want to mess around with it so I decided to make it into a tie around instead. It's so much easier this way.

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