Thursday, March 25, 2010

Late St. Patrick's Day post

Sorry, I've slowed down with the yummy post. I can only bake so much and eat so much sweets or I will balloon up to a ton. Not good for the health too with 2 kids running around all sugared up.

I made this yummy Pandan Chiffon cake with the help of Manang. She's got some awesome recipes on her site :-)
It smells so delish and I'm not lying it was pretty good. So airy and puffy, reminds me of angel food cake. The only problem was the pandan taste has disappeared. The next time I make this I might have to use the real thing. Buy the pandan leaves and do the real work.
Manang also shared her frosting but I wanted something different, to make up for the taste. I made this pandan buttercream and added some buko from the jar. If you know me, I'm not into coconuts but what the heck. LOL! Still the taste was the same :-(

So better just eat it plain, it was so much better that way.


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