Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I miss COCO :-(

Conan "COCO or CONANDO" O'brien was the only show at night hubby and I look forward to watching. It's the time I usually head to bed and that's our time to settle in for the night and wait for CoCo to be on. Ever since they took him off the tube, we don't even bother turning the TV on at that time anymore. Most of the time I sit here in the computer and him on his computer.

The other day I check all my fave sites, which I have its own folder on my to check everyday blogs. I was in Dana's site and I saw her post about Conando, which is a spanish character he does on his show. She made a cute shirt for a little cutie, you can see in her site. It was the Conando character, I knew I had to make it too. Hubby loves Conan so I was going to make him one but he said NO, Conando was part of the NBC show and I hate NBC now. So I made it for my little boy instead and he doesn't even know Conan. LOL! Hubby wants a team COCO shirt instead, which I will make for him :-) of course.

I want to thank Dana for sharing on how to make this AWESOME shirt. I would have never made anything like this without her super easy tutorial that she shares. Who would have thought of using freezer paper to make a shirt with. I usually just use them for my beef and chicken, LOL!

First you need to get the PDF so you can print it. The PDF is from Dana's site.
Transfer it to the freezer paper, shiny side down. Trace and then cut.
When done, you place the shiny side down on the shirt and iron, DON'T steam.
This is what she recommended as well. It's under $2 so it's perfect for my cheap self. Oh, make sure you place something underneath the shirt so the paint will not seep through.

Paint away, just don't rub or the little cut up pieces might come off. Next time I will use a small brush. When everything is painted wait overnight or 4 to 5 hours, that's what the instruction in the back of the bottle says. If you're like me who can't wait, yes, I'm very impatient. I used a blow dryer to hurry the process.
Tadaaaa, all done! Now, I wait for 72 hours to completely dry and bond to the shirt then I can wash it so my little man can wear it :-)

When the paint has set and dry, make sure you heat press it. Lay flat and cover with cloth, press with the hot iron for a minute or so. Just make sure you do this step or the pain will run when you wash it. Thanks again to DANA for the comment and telling me to do this step. If not, I would have washed it without knowing.

Yah, I can't wait for 72 hours so I had him put a shirt underneath so I can take a picture and this is how he shows me how he feels for making him do what I want. LOL!

For a complete instruction on how to make your own visit Dana's site. She will explain everything to you.


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