Thursday, March 4, 2010

I won something, Hoorayyy!!!

I never win anything, but I did this time. I won a bag from Green Bag Lady. She's one amazing woman, I can tell, who sews hundreds and hundreds of bags and she gives them away. Now that's amazing! Talk about being green, how much greener could you get?

That's the bag I won, isn't it adorable? Excuse my mirror, I tried cleaning it but when you have 2 kids it will never look clean again. LOL!
I quickly asked hubby to take pictures of me before I put the groceries away. I used the green bag for my produce. No more plastic, please!

So how did I win this cute and beautiful bag? I was browsing something from Bakerella, another amazing woman, and that's where I found her site. Perfect timing for her giveaway, so I left a comment on her blog and tadaaaaaaa!!! I was one of the winners :-) Here's the link on that giveaway she did. Make sure you bookmark her and check back all the time, you never know you might be the next bag winner. Those are the fabrics she used and one of those is my bag.
This picture I borrowed from her site.

The fabric design is by Amy Butler and Teresa made them into bags. I'm bag #8640, I think that's how many bags she's given away, WOW!!! I told you she's amazing :-) OK! enough about my blabbing and check out the pics with the bags in action.The bags below are the ones I have made a while back. I actually had more but I gave them to my mom to send back to the Philippines to give away to families. I will start sewing again and make more bags. Thanks to the Green Bag Lady for inspiring to me start my sewing again.
Thank you very much Teresa for saving the world One bag at a time :-)

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