Thursday, March 11, 2010

Naughty cake, WARNING!!!

I've been meaning / wanting to make a naughty cake but don't have any occasions for it or no one wanted one. So when I posted it on my facebook the other day, a friends asked if I could make him a cake. I got so excited that I started google-ing boobie cake. Oh, yah! it's for a man, Lol! I've seen a lot of kinds. There's the one with bodies and there's some with just the top. The one I made is for a John Deere fan, this guy loves John Deere. So, John Deere boobie cake for him then.

I want to apologize for not doing a step by step photo. By the time I got to covering the cake I just completely forgot and my hand were covered with powder sugar. I will try to at least tell you on how to. First you need 2 same size and shape bowl. I used my pyrex soup bowl. I don't have one for a cake yet but this one is oven proof safe and it's shaped like boobs, so I used it. Cool the cake and cover with buttercream frosting so the fondant will stick. I used my homemade MMF (marshmallow fondant) and tint it with a creamy peach colored gel.
Notice the bottom MMF is white? Well, my hands were hurting and going numb so I decided to just do the bottom white and paint it with the food coloring instead. I mixed Leaf green gel with a little bit of water, this you have to eyeball and depends on how dark or light you want the color to be. It will look wet and shiny but it will dry out. Then I placed Wilton pearlized sprinkle at the edge.
The John Deere logo I printed from the computer and I had to cut it with a small kitchen knife to get the little corner. Then I painted it with the Wilton golden yellow gel, with a little bit of water.
See, how pretty it looks? This one actually took me a bit to do. LOL! I had to try it twice coz the legs and antlers keep ripping, grrrr!
Almost done, I'm waiting for the chocolate in the freezer for the cupcakes. Then it's all set and ready for pick-up.
Happy Birthtday MIKE :-) Hope you will enjoy your boobie cake. I better get a picture of you enjoying your cake, LOL!
Lesson I learned from this cake. Make sure you bake the same flavored cake for both boobs. If not the other one might be bigger than the other. Yes, my boobs (the cake that is) are not the same size. The chocolate cake, on the right, is a bit bigger. The choco cake rises more than my vanilla. O well, I think it looks good and not really that noticeable. Now, now stop staring at them nipples. LOL!

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