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Palitaw (Filipino Sweets) - Recipe

Palitaw is a small, flat, sweet rice cake eaten in the Philippines. They are made from malagkit (sticky rice) washed, soaked, and then ground. Scoops of the batter are dropped into boiling water where they float to the surface as flat discs - an indication that they're done. When served, the flat discs are dipped in grated coconut, and presented with a separate dip made of sugar and toasted sesame seeds.

I've made this before but failed and then I became a fan and follower of Panlasang Pinoy, I saw his recipe and I had to try again. This time I did good :-) It actually worked. So thank you for sharing your recipe.

You will need Glutinous rice flour and make sure you get the one that says Glutinous or it will not work.

You will need sugar (please disregard the amount of sugar and follow the recipe below) I have divide the recipe in half since it was just me and the kids eating them. The recipe provided below is the original recipe of Panlasang Pinoy.

Sesame seed is also needed :-)

You will also need water. That water looks good doesn't? It actually reminds me of this swimming hole we had back home called Timoga Springs. Ahhhhh!! brings back memories.

You need helpers too, this one just wanted to help 'coz he thought it was powdered sugar and he wanted to taste it. LOL!

Then you whisk, whisk, whisk.

Until the dough becomes like that, all incorporated and smooth.

You make them into balls and flatten.

Drop in boiling water and wait for it to float. That's where the word Palitaw came from, it means float.

Scoop it out when it floats and let it cool down on a plate.

Ones cooled down, dip into the shredded coconut, which you don't see here since I didn't have any and I'm not a big fan of coconuts :-( I used just the sugar and sesame seed.

This is what it looks like when it's all covered with sugar and sesame seed.

My little princess enjoying the treat when she got home from school.


  • 2 cups glutinous rice flour

  • 1 cup water

  • ½ cup granulated sugar
  • ½ cup sesame seeds, roasted

  • 1 cup grated coconut


1. Combine glutinous rice flour with water and mix until a dough is formed.

2. Scoop about 2 tablespoons of dough then mold it into a ball-shaped figure.

3. Flatten the ball-shaped dough using the palm of your hands.

4. Boil water in a cooking pot then put-in the flattened dough.

5. When the flattened dough starts to float, remove them from the pot and set it aside allowing water to drip.

6. Combine sugar and roasted sesame seeds then mix well.

7. Dunk the rice cake in grated coconut then in the sugar-sesame seed mixture.

8. Arrange in a serving plate then serve. Share and enjoy!



  1. My gosh claire! I love you blog!.. you are terific on this. Thanks for sharing this palitaw, I love palitaw too... but don't know how to make them! I will try this! thanks!

  2. Belle,
    Just make sure you flatten them very well, nipisa jud. They taste better that way :-)
    Thanks so much Belle

  3. thanks for sharing your recipes. i also started blogging my recipes but just can't find the time to upload them.

  4. hi claire im from iligan too i like ur blog and i so much all these snacks back home i wish were neighbors right now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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