Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine treats with Cupcake bite and pops - Recipe

I'm at it again with the cake pops, cake bites, cake balls. LOL! I might be caked out by the time Valentines Day rolls along. I was going to buy the peanut butter cup mold online but I went to A.C. Moore and I found the mold, and it was cheaper than the one online. I'm so happy, la la la....

I started with the Oreo truffles but I wanted to make more so I ended up making some chocolate cake, NOT from the box. I might try my Mocha Choco recipe for this and see what that would taste next time.

OK let's get started, shall we?
For the Oreo truffles you need just this 2 ingredients to make the truffles. Cream cheese and Oreo cookies, and no you can't eat the cream. You put that into the crusher as well. I'm referring to my food processor, ha ha.

Then you get this (below)
Then you mix the two together and let the magic begin. You can pretty much eat this at this point but don't, so you can play with the melted chocolates. LOL!

You can use a small ice cream scoops or use a spoon and form into an inch ball.

Like these guys. I even made a heart, and that was it. I made one, it wasn't that easy and I decided to stick with the cake balls.

You will need candy wafers or you can use the chocolate bark. I like the bark, I think they taste good and they're smoother. I used the wafers 'coz it's what I have at the moment.

Make sure you read the instruction on how to melt the wafers or it will either harden or will not work.

I kind of miss the peanut butter mold part but if you look at the picture, you kind of get the whole thing here. Pour melted chocolate into the mold and place the cake ball or the Oreo truffle, which is the one I used on this. Place in the fridge for several minutes so he bottom part won't stick when you pop them out.

This is what it looks like when it hardens up, I did the white chocolate as well.

Pretty in Red? I love how it's soooo pretty already and it's not even done yet. SERIOUSLY!!! Look below, I made it more prettier.

See, I told you. I dressed it up :-) and now it's ready for close-up.

Tadaaaaaaa!!! Now they're ready to be eaten. All those hard work has paid off and my biggest fan loved it. Hubby and kids are my biggest fan and that's why I keep baking :-) I will be taking some of these to my meeting tomorrow and hope the ladies will like them.

Aren't they pretty? Stop drooling already. LOL!

Are you just going to look at it or are you gonna go make some? Well, maybe tomorrow, it's a bit late now.


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