Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Spices? No! Sprinkles? Yes!

I'm a copy cat when it comes to cute ideas, or baking, cooking, sewing. Whatever it is, if it's cute I will copy it. I do come up with my own stuff sometimes and promise if it turns out good, I will share them with you.

Well, this isn't one of my idea but I wish I came up with it. It's spice bottles turn into a new home for my sprinkles. Thanks to Bakerella :-) see I told you she's got some pretty cool stuff.

So here's what I did, uhm! what I copied, I mean, LOL!

This was my spice rack so it had spices on them. I actually had to soak and changed the water a few times for the smell of the spices to go completely go away. Then dry them good.

These cuties found their new home. Ahhhhhh, sprinkle heaven.

Aren't they pretty? I will share them with you if you bring the ice cream and hot fudge :-) You can never have too much sprinkles, like you can never have too much shoes :-)

This was the rack that it all came in. I got this spice rack 5 years ago and I probably used 3 of the spices that came with it and now I found a new use for them :-)

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