Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Spices? No! Sprinkles? Yes!

I'm a copy cat when it comes to cute ideas, or baking, cooking, sewing. Whatever it is, if it's cute I will copy it. I do come up with my own stuff sometimes and promise if it turns out good, I will share them with you.

Well, this isn't one of my idea but I wish I came up with it. It's spice bottles turn into a new home for my sprinkles. Thanks to Bakerella :-) see I told you she's got some pretty cool stuff.

So here's what I did, uhm! what I copied, I mean, LOL!

This was my spice rack so it had spices on them. I actually had to soak and changed the water a few times for the smell of the spices to go completely go away. Then dry them good.

These cuties found their new home. Ahhhhhh, sprinkle heaven.

Aren't they pretty? I will share them with you if you bring the ice cream and hot fudge :-) You can never have too much sprinkles, like you can never have too much shoes :-)

This was the rack that it all came in. I got this spice rack 5 years ago and I probably used 3 of the spices that came with it and now I found a new use for them :-)


  1. wow sis it is very pretty... ingit ako :(

  2. arg, they're soooooooooo cute, i swear if i find jars like these i'd hoard them and be another copy cat too!

  3. Sis Nelds, That's how I felt when I saw them. So, I had to make one too. LOL!

  4. Kate, They were my old spice rack and I just cleaned them out. It took a while for the spice smell to go away but it did, finally.
    I can't wait, you better post pictures too :-)

  5. Aw cha! Cute kaayo sya kay colorful pretty lady C!

    You can use vinegar and baking soda together to help get rid of the smell. Heads up though, mixing those two can cause explosion. LOL!

    Ako pretty lady C kay I collect jars that you use for canning and I use them as well. :)

  6. Ganda, I know it's too cute. LOL!
    I was going to use the clorox but I didn't want it with the food stuff so I did use the baking soda and vinegar, LOL!
    I wanted to do canning stuff but I know it's hard work, so I just don't. LOL!


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