Sunday, January 24, 2010

Baking with Daddy

** This post is being re-posted. This was posted in my older blog on December 20, 2009**

I might have some competition going here. Every so often my husband, Josh, wants to show off his baker side. Even though he uses my cookie recipe and all the gadgets to make them, I’m the one that ends up cleaning after the mess. Our daughter was in school during this so it’s just the little man and daddy in the kitchen making a mess.

I got everything ready for them so they don’t have to look all over for the stuff. The only time I helped them was when they needed the icing for the cookies and that’s it. Everything was made by them.

Little Joshua did all the shapes with a cutter, with the help of daddy of course. He even frosted some of the cookies. Well , I wouldn’t call it help when the whole entire time he was more too busy picking up the sprinkles that fell on the plate and eating them. LOL! I guess he didn’t want anything to go to waste.


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