Friday, January 29, 2010

This has nothing to do with food, whatsoever!

I love bargains, sale, clearance or better yet FREE! I also love yard sales, garage sales and all sorts of sales. Thrifts store are my thing right now. I've been to so many that I lost count.

Lately I've been looking around for a little desk that I can strip and paint, so I can put it in my daughters room. I'm also looking for a little dinner chair that I can also paint. Yes, I refurbish furniture and all sorts of stuff as well. It's one of my many hidden talents, LOL! The hutch below is from a friend who didn't want it anymore. They had it in their basement and it was just old and the sides were just ruined. I told them, I will take it and did work on the cabinet. When they saw it they couldn't believe this was the same one they got rid of. I know it's a bit messy. The kids made it into their own personal cubby holes. LOL!
I like going to Salvation Army on Wednesday, I don't go every Wednesday, I just like going there on that certain day 'coz it's 50% off on everything but 1 color, which changes every week.
There's certain stuff I look for too. I like looking at purses and clutches and decorations. The other place is Volunteers of America, they have sales everyday. Everyday they have .99 cents color of the day. Whatever that color would be you will pay .99 cents for that item. Excluding furniture, I think?

These flowered fence looking things are coat racks or coat hangers for Lex. I was going to paint it, but I changed my mind. I got this for .99 cents, YES! I'm not kidding.

Aren't they cute? I need to put them up in her room but I'm still looking for the right spot. I hate to put it up and take it down again.

Those flowers are just too adorable. I'm glad I found this.

My other find is a GAP clutch and it looked brand new. I did put it in the hot wash and cleaned it. This one I got for 70 cents, LOL! It's nothing fancy, I just like it 'coz I can stick in my purse and use it a make up case.

So, how about you? Do you love a good bargain, sale hunting, going through the clearance bin and no care for the world, thrift store kind of person?



  1. I considered myself as one... in fact i went to a thrift store today with dylan and bought a train set, dvd, and lava lamp.. hehehe It was my 1st time to be in that store and probably will be going there again. Though we were only there for half an hour and the place is huge that I didn't had enough time to explore :-) I also like to buy stuff that are on sale otherwise i'll wait until i get a coupon. LOL I think there 's nothing wrong of being frugal.. Understanding the concept of finding the best value is an asset that only few have... and that's you and me.. hehehe

  2. oh give me a heads up next time you go out so i could join you... LOL

  3. Hello there Pretty lady C! I am a thrift store fan as well. Even rummage sales or any garage sales. I am your girl when it comes to that! I get great stuff as well from those types of places with great prices. I like it!

  4. HEllo Ganda, Wohooo! There's a lot of people, I think, out there that tends to stay away from those places thinking it's too cheap and unclassy. I bet they're just pretending and when no one is looking they're just as bad as we are and look around as well.


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