Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mickey Mouse Cake for Baby Cole

I looked all over the place for this Mickey Cake pan. I searched Ebay and they had it but it was more that what I wanted to pay. I looked in amazon and couldn't find one that was my price range either. So, finally I googled for "Mickey Mouse pan craigslist" and this was one of them that showed up. It was only $10 plus shipping, which is still cheaper than the one I found in Ebay for $40 bucks plus shipping. The lady that was selling was from California and she asked me if I felt comfortable sending her the payment in cash and she asked for my address. I asked her if she had paypal. Before you know it she emails me back and told me that she had shipped the item and just to wait for it and pay her when it arrives. Wow!!! She's super nice too.

Here's the Pan I got :-)

Then the cake I made (below). As you can see or if you even notice that the left side frosting had a little melt down, LOL! It got really hot here in the house, it’s summer time here, while I was frosting it and it started to melt. BUt it did stop, phew!!! Anyway, my hands are killing me from doing those stars on the cake but I'm pretty sure Cole's family will love it.




  1. It came out nice Claire! ~ Diana

  2. Thank you Diana :-) it started to melt on the side. I made the icing way too thin.


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