Sunday, January 24, 2010

My very first Wedding Cake

This was a crazy and great experience for me making a wedding cake, and to make it even more nerve wrecking is that this is my very first one. It's simple but it took a while to make. I gave it my all and it paid off.

I was asked to make this cake a while back, but I never really thought about it, then they asked me again so I said yes. I thought they were just kidding when they asked me the first time.
This cake was for my husbands cousin, they were having a summer wedding and she wanted something clean and simple. I asked her if she had an idea on what she liked and she sent me a picture she got online. I did what she wanted, red flowers, white fondant and I added my own ribbon for looks.

They were so happy with it and they said it was very delicious and moist. They loved the frosting underneath the fondant and they were very satisfied.
Although we didn't make it to the wedding (previous engagement) the cake made it through the hour ride to its destination. Thanks to his mom and dad that attended the wedding.

❤Congratulation to Matt and Beth❤


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